Calibre 50 at The Rave / Eagles Club

Calibre 50 Tickets

The Rave / Eagles Club | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Its difficult to picture a fall without a decent latin concert down at the astounding Eagles Ballroom of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and 2022 is going to be just that! It's no surprise that the unrivaled latin act of today is winner of so many awards and has obtained such a mass of smash hit tracks, there is an unmatched feel of abundant, rich instruments and a mesmerising rhythm, Calibre 50 is pretty special! For a Friday night of latin music you won't forget, secure your tickets for Friday 4th November 2022 today by pressing the 'get tickets' button, don't hang around, they'll be gone fast! November is looking hyped!

Calibre 50 at The Rave Eagles Club

What characterises latin music? And what do you love most? We agree enthusiasts mostly agree its easily the greatest genre out there for a powerful mood boost! Being at a latin performance would be a stunning experience, the atmosphere from the crowd, the elements the mixture of so many genres to create one mammoth of a groove….we just LOVE it! And how about the excellent Calibre 50? A huge success on the main circuit, sell out shows and and an abundance of hits….THIS will be the only place to be Friday 4th November 2022, its certain! Calibre 50 is going to hit the ground running one Friday evening on the Wisconsin, Milwaukee stop of the States, there will be nothing but dancing, singing and incredible vibes in November! The show will be held in the excellent Eagles Ballroom, Wisconsin, Milwaukee on Friday 4th November 2022. Eagles Ballroom is no stranger to famous latin performers, Calibre 50 is in the perfect spot for such an important evening. TICKETS ON GENERAL RELEASE NOW, if you want to buy some, go to the 'get tickets' button and follow it now! Do not miss out on one excellent chance!

Calibre 50 at The Rave Eagles Club

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